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PokeClash Pixelmon Server is looking for new staff! We are a newer server who just opened and we are looking for innovative ideas, fresh faces and new things to add to the server!

If you are interested in applying, take a peek at this link right here! Click here to apply for a position!

The positions we are open for?

  • Moderator (server only)
  • Administrator (server only)
  • Site Developer (paid per project, developing site features)
  • Plugin Developer (paid per project, source code required after for security reasons)

Please, when applying, take the time, answer to your full knowledge, truthfully and with as many examples as you can provide! We won't be accepting quick, Dev positions are paid positions (per project, prices can be worked out). For those who apply and make it through the first application process, you will be heavily vetted for the second part of the application process! Look forward to talking to those who apply!

Sooo, welcome back guys. It's going to be awhile before we have the server up with a map and it is fully functional. I am just here to provide some updates to you all on what has gone down.

So lets start. First off, you may see we have a new domain. Long story short, the domain registar messed up my Credit Card, didnt charge its recurring payments and I didnt notice until they had taken back the domain. They now want $400 to get pokeclash.com back so that is something we are working towards. For now, this domain is a stopgap that will work just fine.

With that being said, we are now also going to be starting fresh. Pokemon, ranks, world, etc. We are shifting towards a less of a Pay-to-win model and more of an actual pokemon/pixelmon playing experience. We are going to take some successful elements from our last rendition and place them into here. Such as dungeons, but with a harder twist. Keys, or parts of keys, will only be dropped on events, tourneys, etc. So be ready for that

Secondly, we are going to be respawning a whole new map. No bugs, no premade houses, just a great seed, and some classic builds that we want to put within the server. Here is were you guys parts come in.

We want this to be more hands on. We want to take on your guys suggestion and implement them into the server. So what I want you guys to do is suggest things. Things such as

  • Plugins
  • Builds
  • Event Ideas
  • Designs
  • and anything else your mind can think of!

We also want to know how you guys want to approach the survival/adventure mix! So please, take the time and put forth your best effort!

Also, make sure to spread this link! We want everyone to know we are coming back!

Thanks, hope to see you all soon!