PokeClash Return with Pixelmon Dark

[Owner] Vince a
VinceOrlando @ PokeClash Pixelmon

This is mainly for a few friends, but if you would like to join and play with us on a survival/gym combo, download technic and get the Pixelmon Dark modpack!

What's in Pixelmon Dark? Well, 83 NEW POKEMON!

You can download the PixelmonDark modpack from herehttps://www.technicpack.net/modpack/pixelmon-513-pro.1072839

We recommend you use the Technic Launcher; the more downloads we get, the more new players we can get! Plus, you will automatically receive updates.

Don't want to use Technic? You can download the JAR from here: Latest Pixelmon Dark Here

If you want to use a custom resource pack, check out ours here: PokeClash Resource Pack